SQL Serverの予約語に苦しめられる


それを鑑みて一度予約語をまとめておきます。以下はOracle SQLとMicrosoft SQLのいずれかで予約語として指定されているワード一覧です。ここに記載されている予約語はいずれかで予約語として使われているので、どういった場面でも使用するのは望ましくないです。(スマホで閲覧する場合は、テーブルが横にもスクロールします。)

absolute dec long smallint
access decimal longbinary smallint
add declare longchar smallmoney
add default longtext some
admindb delete lower space
all delete match sql
all desc max sqlcode、sqlerror、sqlstate
alphanumeric disallow maxextents start
alter disconnect memo stdev
alter distinct min stdevp
alter distinctrow minus string
and domain minute substring
any double mlslabel successful
are drop mod sum
as else mode synonym
as eqv modify sysdate
asc exclusive money sysname
assertion exclusiveconnect month system_user
audit exec、execute national table
authorization exists nchar tableid
autoincrement extract nested_table_id temporary
avg false noaudit text
begin fetch nocompress then
between file nonclustered time
binary first not timestamp
bit float、float8 nowait timezone_hour
bit_length float4 ntext timezone_minute
boolean for null tinyint
both foreign number to
by from numeric top
byte general nvarchar trailing
cascade grant octet_length transaction
catalog group of transform
char guid offline translate
char、character having oleobject translation
char_length hour on trigger
character_length identified online trim
check identity open true
close ieeedouble option uid
cluster ieeesingle or union
clustered ignore or unique
coalesce image order uniqueidentifier
collate immediate pctfree unknown
collation imp prior update
column in privileges updateidentity
column_value increment public updateowner
comment index raw updatesecurity
commit indexcreatedb real upper
comp initial references usage
compress inner rename user
connect input resource using
connection insensitive restrict validate
constraint、constraints insert revoke value
container int、integer、integer4 right values
contains integer rollback var
convert integer1 row varbinary
count integer2 rowid varchar
counter intersect rownum varchar2
create interval rows varp
create into schema varying
currency is second view
current isolation select when
current_date join selectschema whenever
current_time key selectsecurity where
current_timestamp language session with
current_user last set work
cursor left share xor
database level short year
date like single yesno
datetime lock size zone
day logical、logical1 smalldatetime